ALISAN specialises in traditional community-based ‘human recruitment'.  We have a network of recruitment professionals throughout the UK who engage directly with people in their communities

Our recruiters seek out and interact directly with every participant screened for client projects

Other Fieldwork agencies use a ‘Panel recruitment' method. This method involves recruiting from a 'self-selecting' group of participants who have signed-up to an online research panel because of the financial incentives offered. This method of participant selection often fails to find those who are passionate about your category, your brand or your product. This is especially the case when it comes to recruiting from 'Premium' or 'High Net-Worth' groups. Our method ensures that we actively seek out and find your 'Target'

ALISAN provides the following services:

  • ‘Human’ recruitment of both Face-to-face and Online Qualitative sessions
  • Recruitment via client-supplied lists/sample
  • Recruitment targets: Consumers of mass-market product, Creatives, Experts, ‘High-Net Worth’ individuals, Social Media Influencers and Business decision-makers
  • Research methodologies: Groups, Depth Interviews, In-Store Accompanied Shops/Shopalongs, Product Placement and Online Communities
  • Extensive UK-wide recruiter network covering England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales
  • Capacity to run both single and multi-phase projects covering multiple methodologies
  • Recruitment screener design and creation
  • Management of Adverse Events
  • Management of GDPR
  • Incentive payments